The House!

Furniture of the House

ACTIVITY 1: look at the picture and write a short paragraph describing the house in the picture

ACTIVITY 2: read the following text and do the activity.

In my house there are three floors, the ground floor, the first floor and the attic.
In the ground floor there is a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. In the first floor there is a bathroom and there are two bedrooms. In the attic there is a study room and a storage room.
In the living room there is a big sofa, a cofeetable and a television and there are two armchairs and two lamps. in the dining room there is a table, a lamp and a cupboard and there are six chairs and two flower vase. In the kitchen there is a cooker, a fridge, a table, a cupboard and there are two chairs and three shelves. In the bathroom there is a sink, a toilet seat, a shower, a bathtub and a carpet. In the bedroom there is a bed and a wardrobe and there are two night tables, two lamps and two carpets.
In the study room there is a desk and a chair, there is a computer and a printer, there is a cupboard and a bookcase, and there are five bookshelves.

Activity: read thet text and make two lists.
List #1 Parts of the house - make a list of all the parts of the house you can recognize in the previous text.
List #2 Furniture - make a list of all the pieces of furniture from each room that you can recognize.

ACTIVITY 3: watch the following video.

After watching the video, name all the room and pieces of furniture you can remember.

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